The home of Silicon Valley cross-borders action. HUBSV is a global network of Silicon Valley HUBs centered around and operated from Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Magic

We are 300+ Silicon Valley experts and investors on a mission to release the potential of the very best cross-border technology startups and Foreign Micro Enterprises (FMEs).

From innovative hotspots in the world we aim to pave a non-friction path to global growth, including Silicon Valley acceleration, investments, alternative funding as well as acquisition and other exit models. 

HUBSV will operate in locations with high-quality science and technology, local financial support, and driven entrepreneurs and leaders. 


Meet the team.

How to get involved

You can be involved in a variety of ways 

  • If you have ambitions to take your technology company global
  • If you want to invest with Silicon Valley in cross-border technologies
  • If you want to scan and scout new technologies
  • If you want to be early customers or partners with startups
  • If you want to co-create with startups
  • If you want to invest in startups
  • If you want to acquire a startup
  • If you run an ambitious accelerator and want to be directly plugged into Silicon Valley

Feel free to contact us at, also if you want to discuss a Silicon Valley HUB in your local area.