While Silicon Valley has been developing its magic for decades, it has also developed world-class expertise in taking products and companies to global markets and accelerate value-creation in companies. This means that there today in Silicon Valley is an significant concentration of go-to-market experts, technology experts, and startup CEOs with track-record.

We cannot get enough of you guys! 

Fly us an email at "contact at hubsv dot com". We'd love to meet you to discuss your expertise and priorities and tell you about our models and the different ways you can be involved.

Before you write us, please know that

  • Working with cross-border companies can be very challenging
  • We work hard and make tough decisions
  • We follow ethical guidelines and work on trust
  • We have fun and attempt to also "have a life"


Donors & Sponsors:


We are proud to present InterCulture Foundation as our official 501c3 fiscal sponsor. Specific projects will be announced - all with focus on creating business opportunities and relationships across borders and cultures. We are humbled of the opportunity to contribute to InterCultures mission by extending Silicon Valley.

For information on opportunities to donate to HUBSV under InterCulture Foundation, please fill out this contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

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